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A divorce, legal separation, marriage annulment and more can result in disputes regarding child custody and visitation rights. During such an emotional and difficult time, it can be helpful to seek the expertise of child custody attorneys. The attorneys at Taneff Law are experienced in in Juvenile Court and family law, including child custody, child support, visitation rights, adoption, and more. We’re proud to serve families, couples and individuals in Columbus and the Franklin County, Ohio area, and are ready to provide support in your child custody case.

Road to Adoption in Columbus

We have concentrated on child custody and adoption law for almost 20 years. If you are in the process of adopting and are seeking custody, we know how to help. Custody gives you and the child certain legal protections and rights that you wouldn’t otherwise have.

Child custody can be a crucial step on the road to adoption. Without proper help from an attorney, getting custody can turn into a lengthy roadblock.

For foster parents in Ohio who wish to adopt, getting custody can serve as a beneficial and sometimes necessary measure toward your successful adoption.

Getting custody isn’t always easy. We have extensive experience with the Juvenile Court, Children’s Services, and private agencies. We know and understand how frustrating the legal system can be during this time. We want to help you protect your rights and the youngster you love so dearly.

Road to Adoption in Columbus
Dedicated to the Child's Best Interest

Dedicated to the Best Interest of the Child

The most important things to remember in this stressful time are the needs of the child. At our firm, we put the best interests of the child first. We can help you navigate the confusing and complex legal system to work out a custody agreement that is best for you and your Columbus child. No two child custody cases are the same. We will give your case the individual attention it needs in order to get the outcome that is best for your family.

Ohio Custody Cases

If you are caring for a child with the help of their mother or father or alone, a custody arrangement could be in the best interest of everyone. Legal custody allows the custodian to put the child on their insurance, get healthcare for the child in an emergency, enroll the child in school, and many other benefits.

If you are seeking custody of a child or a change in a current custody agreement, visitation agreement, or parenting plan, we can help. You have the right to be in your child’s life.

Even with everyone in agreement, child custody cases can get complicated. It is important to have someone who is knowledgeable and dedicated to your case to help you through the process. We can help you make a custody arrangement or parenting plan that makes sense for you and the child you love.

Ohio Custody Cases
Types of Child Custody

Types of Child Custody

There are two types of child custody: physical custody and legal custody.

Physical Custody

When a court grants physical custody, a parent or other adult has the right for the child to live with them. There are two types of physical custody: joint and sole. In joint custody, the juvenile is permitted to live with each parent. In sole, or primary, custody, the juvenile lives with one parent but may visit the other.

Legal Custody

When a court grants legal custody, a parent or other adult has the ability to make decisions regarding the child’s upbringing, education, and health. There are two types of legal custody: joint and sole. In joint custody, both parents can make decisions regarding the juvenile’s welfare. In sole custody situations, only one parent is permitted to make such decisions.

Foster to Adopt

If adoption has been on your mind, maybe now is the time to consider adopting a child from foster care and making a positive difference in their life and your own. Every year, thousands of children are placed in foster care. Many times these situations are temporary and children can be reunited with their families, but other times the Courts determine that returning the child to their family is detrimental to their well-being. Adopting foster care in Ohio is a loving and rewarding way to expand your family.

Foster to Adopt
How Taneff Law Can Help

Things to Consider

Once your adoption is finalized, it may feel like a weight off your shoulders. The hard part is over, however, there is more to consider. Once your child reaches adulthood, your parental rights change once again. It is never too early to consider a will, living wills, health care powers of attorney, durable powers of attorney, and trusts. Doing so will make sure you and your child are prepared and that you as parents will still have input in health situations after your child becomes an adult.

How Taneff Law Can Help

Whether you’re going through a divorce, legal separation, marriage annulment, or something else, our family law attorney is here to help. We offer a variety of services to help you obtain custody while working in the best interests of the child.

Our Services

  • Petition for custody as an intermediate step toward adoption
  • Petition for custody as a final step
  • Modify / change existing custody agreements
  • Help set or amend child support arrangements
  • Modify visitation agreements

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Put our years of experience in Juvenile Court to work for you. Your child is the most important person in your life; we want to help you do what is best for them. Contact us today or call 614-241-2181. Thomas Taneff is a juvenile & custody lawyer in Columbus, Ohio.

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