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Glad to see you are adovating for the children of the world. So nice!

Carolyn, via Facebook

My brother lived in Ohio and had passed away in Feb of 2012. I came to Ohio after driving through the night from NJ on President’s Day weekend in 2012 and had no idea where to turn. I called a friend in NJ to ask if they knew of a lawyer who could help me and they googled lawyers in Columbus and gave me Mr. Taneff’s number. I left Mr. Taneff a message on Friday 2/17 around 7:00 PM. I was certain I would not here back until Tuesday when his office re-opened. Well I did not have to wait long at all. About 20 minutes later Mr. Taneff returned my call. Mr. Taneff met me at his office on Saturday morning of President’s weekend (would never happen back East) and from that moment on he was there for me through the entire process. He let me clean out my brothers apartment and take all of his valuables and put them in a locked room in his office. I returned to NJ on 2/20 and Mr. Taneff actually called me to make sure I arrived back safely and let me know what was going on with my brother’s estate. I honestly believe my brother somehow guided me to Mr. Taneff because he knew I would need assistance. In addition to what my brother had in Ohio, he also owned a condo in NY. Mr. Taneff secured a NY lawyer to deal with the sale of the condo. I can honestly say he has definitely changed my opinion of lawyers. We are finally coming to the end of settling my brother’s estate and although I want this process to come to an end, I will sincerely miss my interaction with Mr. Taneff and his staff. Additionally I must thank his entire office for being so gracious and for everything they have done to assist me in this process. You will be in good hands with Mr. Taneff should you ever need a lawyer.

Mary, via Avvo

We have been very grateful for the Taneff Law firm which has handled our loved one’s estate for several years. When our family member died without a will, leaving a minor child, we struggled with the difficulty of resolving his affairs. After a frustrating beginning with another lawyer, the Taneff Law firm was appointed by the Court and we have been very thankful for that. Mr. Taneff and his staff have been professional and persistent about taking care of the many odd details of this case. It has been a long process but they have always kept us informed and have treated this estate as a matter of high importance. We are very confident he has represented the minor child’s interest extremely well. We are thankful and indeed grateful to Mr. Taneff and his staff.

Jan, via Avvo

I found the lawyer from the Internet, no one suggested it. There are many lawyers who watch only to take the money of the client and not to work. Whenever I had a question I’ve gotten an answer. I am very glad that I chose lawyer Thomas Taneff. Who needs a lawyer for adoption or surrogacy he is the one to choose.

Ivanka, via Avvo

When my husband passed unexpectedly and without a will, I was so fortunate to have found Tommy Taneff. He helped steer me through the probate process and it was so comforting to know that everything was completely taken care of quickly and thoroughly. He explained everything in detail and patiently answered all of my questions so that I understood the process and everything that needed to be done. In addition to that peace of mind (so needed at the time) I also felt like he listened to my story and genuinely sympathized with and cared about me. Strange we don’t usually expect that from a lawyer, but in my case at least, it was an extra blessing.

Erika, via Avvo

Very caring and empathetic. Took a genuine interest in our quest to locate birth parents.

Anonymous, via Martindale-Hubbell

To say Tommy and his team are amazing feels like an understatement. Words can’t express enough how knowledgeable, professional, hard-working and passionate Tommy and his team are. They exceeded all of our expectations and were always available 24/7 for questions, advice and support. My husband and I are truly grateful and feel so blessed to finally become parents. It was very reassuring to have Tommy on our team. And with all of his years of experience, we knew it was one less worry on our shoulders. If you are looking for the best adoption attorney, Tommy Taneff is the only choice!

Kimberly, via Avvo

Mr. Taneff is very skilled in the probate area of law, particularly those issues dealing with adoption and legal custody. He helped us complete a “standard adoption” for one of our daughters who came to us as a foster child. He also worked with us for several years to help us adopt a child another of our foster children whose biological relatives were trying to adopt her as well. I don’t think we would have been able to adopt her if it wasn’t for Tommy!!

Anonymous, via Martindale-Hubbell

Very good, everything went through without a problem. The staff works hard to get the job done so you don’t have to worry about a thing. I have given his name to many friends.

Carrie, via Avvo

Tommy and his staff are wonderful. They are professional, yet warm and supportive. Adoption is fraught with uncertainty, most of which is beyond the adoptive family’s control. Tommy took care of the legal work PERFECTLY, which was very reassuring. The judge at our finalization hearing even commented that our file was one of the best he had seen! I highly recommend this firm to anyone adopting a child.

Paula, via Avvo

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