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Changing the Lives of Children

We always tells people, “Adoption is the gift of life.” At our firm, the mission of our adoption services is to find loving, nurturing homes for children. Both birth mothers and prospective adoptive parents play critical roles in this process. A birth mother placing her child for adoption is making the ultimate sacrifice by offering a new life to her child. Prospective adoptive parents open their hearts and homes to such children – providing them with the safety and security they may not otherwise have.

Angels in Adoption

Each year members of Congress can nominate one of their constituents for the Angels in Adoption Program. Award recipients are recognized for their work and dedication to children and families. In 2005, Thomas was nominated by Congressman Pat Tiberi and was one of 190 people who received the “Angels in Adoption” Award for his nearly two decades of excellence and commitment to the adoption process.

Birth Mothers

We consider prospective birth mothers the ultimate heroes. Because of their selfless acts, children will grow up in loving and caring homes and enjoy care and opportunities they otherwise may never have had.

If you are a young woman living anywhere in Ohio and considering placing your child for adoption, contact our office anytime of the day or night to talk with us about how we can help you be sure that your child grows up in a wonderful home with devoted, loving adoptive parents.

We respect, honor and understand the individual needs of each birth mother. You can have as much or as little involvement in choosing the prospective adoptive parents for your baby as you wish. Our list of prospective adoptive parents is carefully screened so you can find just the right family for your baby.

You can select the type of adoption that best satisfies your needs. An open adoption, closed adoption, or something in between can be arranged.

Birth mothers pay no costs. We can help arrange for your medical care and counseling.

Your Child Will Be Taken Care Of

At our firm, birth mothers can be sure that the prospective adoptive parents we represent have been extensively investigated for any criminal history, psychological instabilities, medical problems, or any other issues that would prevent them from providing a loving, safe, stable home for your child. We work with birth mothers to review the families available and you can determine with whom to place your child.

Adoptive Parents

We understand the emotional plight of prospective adoptive parents. Many have tried for years to have babies of their own. They yearn to share their love and lives with children. The decision to adopt a child is one of the most important you will ever make. The adoption process that follows can be an emotional roller coaster. However, we have helped nearly 2000 adoption cases, helping countless couples realize their dreams of adopting babies.

Private Adoption Attorney

Thomas is a private adoption attorney. He can assist prospective adoptive parents to locate a baby or assist parents to adopt a child they have already selected. In addition, a private adoption attorney can provide certain safeguards and advantages that an adoption agency can’t. Typically a private adoption is quicker than an agency adoption. In addition, in a private adoption, the birth parents rights are terminated in probate court. With an agency adoption, that process takes place outside of the courtroom and the agency may not provide the birth mother with a lawyer. This is a safeguard you should have! At our firm, we have nearly twenty years of experience in the adoption process, thus providing prospective adoptive parents and birth mothers with the guidance needed to make sure each finalized adoption is legally secure.

Our law firm serves clients throughout the state of Ohio, specifically the Columbus metro area, including Franklin County, Delaware County, Knox County, Licking County, Fairfield County, Pickaway County, Madison County, and Union County in probate and estate administration. In adoption law matters we serve the entire state of Ohio. If you are in need of an experienced Adoption Attorney in the Columbus, Ohio area, call us today (614) 241-2181.

Things to Consider

Once your adoption is finalized, it may feel like a weight off your shoulders. The hard part is over, however there is more to consider. Once your child reaches adulthood, your parental rights change once again. It is never too early to consider a will living wills, health care powers of attorney, durable powers of attorney and trusts. Doing so will make sure you and your child are prepared and that you as parents will still have an input in health situations after your child becomes an adult.

Adoption Services

Our adoption services include:

  • Private Adoption
  • Stepparent Adoption
  • Inter-State Adoption
  • Foster Parent Adoption
  • International Adoption
  • Grandparent Adoption
  • Single Parent Adoption

A former Probate Court Magistrate whose job it was to rule on adoptions, Thomas can help your family through the adoption process.

Featured Article

Don’t Leave Money on the Table – Adoption Tax Credit Explained

The Internal Revenue Service has issued guidance on the revived adoption tax credit.

Congress declared the tax credit permanent in 2013 and, in 2018, raised the maximum adoption credit to $13,810 for qualified expenses, including adoption fees, court costs, attorney’s fees, and travel expenses. The credit amount begins to phase out for taxpayers with an adjusted gross income over $207,140, and is unavailable to taxpayers with an adjusted gross income of $247,140 or more