A Life-Book is your chance to give birthparents an inside look at the life their baby will have. Your Life-Book will be one of your most valuable tools in the adoption process. It is used to help birthparents make one of the hardest choices in their life.

Creating a Life-Book can feel like a daunting task. A good Life-Book will be hard to create, but there are some tips to making it easier.

A Life-Book should give birthparents a personal look into your life, home and family. The point of the Life-Book isn’t just to give a description of your life, it is to make birthparents feel confident and fulfilled in their choice to place with you.

An effective Life-Book should include a Dear Birthparent Letter. There should be pictures that reflect your life and the book should feel warm and welcoming. In the Life-Book you and your spouse should talk about each other and your relationship. Your Life-Book should include the material gone over in our Questionnaire and other documents provided at the first adoption meeting with Attorney Taneff. Your answers should reflect your personalities and the love that you have to give.

Your Life-Book is your first chance to show birthparents the wonderful life you could give their child. You will want to include information on your family, jobs, experience with children, your marriage, and why you are choosing adoption. It can be helpful for you to read the Life-Book out loud. The best Life-Books will look and read like a magazine.

Birthparents choose adoption because they want a better life for their baby. This is the ultimate sacrifice. To honor the birthparents, keep your Life-Book up-to-date at all times. If something in your life has changed, it needs to be updated.

Remember to be honest and be yourself in your Life-Book. If you are dedicated to making an adoption happen, birthparents will find you. All birthparents have a different idea of the ideal adoptive family for their baby, and all adoptive parent have something unique to offer.