Weeks after Prince’s passing, a Will has still not been discovered. What will happen to his musical dynasty? Only time will tell.

The unmarried singer has no living children or parents, and without a Will, there is no designated beneficiary for his huge estate. According to Minnesota law, where the singer resided, his estate will pass to his six siblings. They would split Prince’s fortune, and control his record label and future collection of unreleased songs.

Prince’s only full sibling, Tyka Nelson, has filed documents with the Court in order to start the Probate process for her brother’s estate. She asked that an Administrator be appointed by the Court to manage the estate, including any disputes that may arise.

With such a large estate on the line, it is no surprise that claims to the estate are already rolling in. Tensions are on the rise between siblings as they fight over how to handle the estate. Just how the estate will be broken up is now in the hands of the Probate Court.

If the Prince of Pop had named an heir to his empire, the complicated and tumultuous situation could have been avoided. Without a Will, no one knows what Prince’s last wishes were. Now his life’s work is up for grabs.

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