Ahhhh… You think you’re gonna save money by using a do-it-yourself online Will, Trust, Power of Attorney, or just write something up yourself.

We love it! Instead of avoiding one lawyer, in many cases it can guarantee work for one, two, or even three lawyers. So, on behalf of the Lawyer Relief Act… we thank you!

A poorly drafted Will, Trust, or Power of Attorney may cost you much more in the end causing heartache and headache as well. And, not every situation is the same. People can wreak havoc by drafting their own estate planning documents. In the end, loved ones suffer the most from the chaos and legal problems people leave behind! The cost to have a Will, Trust or Power of Attorney done professionally and correctly is a fraction of what a family can spend in legal fees to clean up the mess.

So don’t be that guy. Hire the right person and do it right.