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The laws that govern your estate are complex. Too many estates land in probate proceedings because individuals did not have effective estate planning. At Thomas Taneff Co., LPA., we create legal, flexible and precise estate plans to ensure families are protected and assets are distributed per our client’s wishes. However, when the need arises, we provide experienced advocacy to help families through the probate process and any trust & estate litigation. We work to obtain will and trust settlements and resolve estate disputes efficiently and effectively so that the family can grieve and move on. Contact our Columbus Ohio law firm to schedule a consultation with an experienced probate law attorney.

Probate Practice: The Full Cycle of Life

Before assets can be distributed to heirs, the decedent’s will must be verified by the probate court. Probate offers an opportunity to ensure the validity of a will. As a former Probate Court Magistrate, Thomas Taneff has a wealth of knowledge of probate court procedures in Ohio. He can help clients understand the law and how the laws will impact their family.

Estate plans that are not carefully drawn up can end in contested wills or trusts or other costly probate litigation. Settlements are not always possible. In these cases, grief-stricken survivors have to face complicated court matters which can quickly overwhelm them. In addition, a will contest or trust contest can severely strain family relationships. But with an experienced lawyer such as Thomas Taneff by your side, you don’t have to worry about fighting the dispute alone. Our firm takes on the burden of resolving estate & trust litigation. Our ultimate goal is to obtain a speedy settlement of the estate to your satisfaction and to keep bitter disputes from destroying a family.

We will handle cases involving any probate administration or estate or trust litigation issue, including the following:

  • Disputes of asset ownership
  • Will or trust contests and disputes (duress, fraud, undue influence)
  • Missing assets or concealed assets from a trust or estate
  • Contested guardianships
  • Appointment of fiduciaries (executors or administrators)
  • Validity of transfers outside of probate
  • Suspicious real estate transfers (sales or gifts)
  • Breach of Fiduciary duty
  • Compliance with obligations in a trust document

Whether you are looking to dispute a will or trust or need help defending a valid will or trust, our firm can help.

Our mission is to give families the care and attention they deserve as we help them through the probate process. We do so with as little litigation and emotional upheaval as possible. If you need an experienced probate attorney in the Columbus, Ohio area to help settle a family member’s estate, give us a call: (614) 241-2181, or contact us by email.

Estate Planning Services

Taneff Law also specializes in Ohio estate planning law. Thomas Taneff is a former Probate Court Magistrate. That background ensures that he knows how to handle your estate plan to maximize the assets you pass on to your descendants and minimize tax consequences. See our estate planning services here


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