Family Law

Family Law


We have been helping people with child custody and adoption law in the Columbus, Ohio area
for 20 years. Without child custody, the road to adoption can be more challenging. While
getting custody isn’t always easy, we have the experience and knowledge of the legal system
and can be a great help towards your ultimate goal of protection of those you love. We put the
best interests of the child first, and help you navigate a confusing and complex legal system to
obtain the best possible outcome for each child. We work in multiple areas of custody and
adoption law, including a wide range of custody cases. No two cases are ever the same, so we
give your case the attention that it needs for a positive outcome. We can help with gaining a
custody agreement or changing a current custody agreement. We bring knowledge and
dedication to each case, because we know that even with everyone in agreement, custody
cases can be complicated.

Foster to Adopt

Adopting a child can have a positive impact on the child’s life as well as your own. Whether it is
temporary or long-term, adoption is a loving and rewarding way to expand your family and
have a profound impact on a child’s life. We help you navigate the Juvenile Court process so
that you can feel confident you are getting the best representation that leads to an outcome
that is beneficial for the child. We start with filing a petition in court, and work with you to fill
out any necessary paperwork or address problems that may arise in the process. Additionally,
we prepare you for the required home-study that is done to ensure that living with you is in the
child’s best interest. We have been involved in nearly 2,000 adoption cases around the
Columbus, Ohio area and are proud to have a positive impact on many of the families in this
great community.


We work on many different types of surrogacy cases, each with the goal of growing families and
having a positive impact on the community. We have experience with reproductive law,
including gestational and traditional surrogacy. With nearly 20 years of surrogacy law
experience, we dedicate ourselves to helping people grow their families. We represent many
different people, including:

Intended Parents

The laws surrounding assisted reproductive technology are ever-evolving and having an
experienced surrogacy lawyer to help navigate those laws can help immensely. We
handle all the critical paperwork and processes so that you can grow your family.

Donors and Surrogates

It is essential for donors and surrogates to have experienced and knowledgeable
representation. Whether it’s donor or surrogate rights, confidentiality, health issues,
anonymity, future contact, or protection from financial liability, we have your best
interests in mind as a donor or surrogate.

The cases we handle include legal assistance with procedures like egg donation, embryo
donation, and surrogacy. No matter which route you are taking, your dream of creating a family
can be achieved with a surrogacy agreement facilitated by a reproduction lawyer with many
years of experience servings families across the nation.

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