If something happened to you, who raises your kids?   If you don’t take care of this, don’t worry . . . the courts will decide.  

You don’t like this idea?   Then, do something about it.   Think about who would be the best choice . . . or the least worst choice!   Have a Will correctly drafted by an Estate Planning Attorney.  This hopefully prevents someone you don’t like from being responsible.

A Guardian doesn’t just take care of the kids.  They might also manage money for them.  If you have a Trust, the Trustee could be in charge of managing assets for your children.   The person you choose to take care of your kids may work with the Trustee.

So, you want to choose a couple?  What happens if either one dies, or they separate or divorce?   Choose an alternate, or a back-up, so if the first person you choose cannot serve, you have a back up or alternate option. 

If the Guardian you choose lives out of state, choose someone in-state until that Guardian can be appointed.