Birth Mother Adoption Expenses - Adoption Attorney Columbus, OH
Birth mothers are bearers and givers of the gift of life. There is no price tag on this gift. During the adoption process, the adoptive parents incur all costs so that the birth mother is economically unburdened. The adoptive couple can legally pay for a birth mother’s attorney fees and care. This can include prenatal, hospital and postpartum care, counseling, and other expenses. Under Ohio law an adoptive couple may also pay some of a birth mother’s living expenses, like rent and groceries. These expenses cannot exceed $3,000 and must be incurred during the pregnancy or up to two months after the pregnancy. Adoptive parents pay for the birth mother’s expenses and assist with living costs to assure the highest quality of care for the birth mother and the baby. If a birth mother is struggling to afford a place to live or food to eat, this will surely affect the baby she is carrying. Ohio law states there must be an attempt to pay the entity or service provider directly. If payments cannot be made to the provider, then reimbursements could go directly to the birth mother. Only attorneys or agencies may make any payments to a birth mother, never the adoptive parents directly.

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