A foster parent losing legal custody can be worse than anyone is prepared to accept. It is a foster parent’s advantage to have counsel as a spokesperson and navigator through complex and confusing child custody law.

Hoping to adopt a child taken into your home when all of a sudden a long-lost relative comes out of nowhere now wanting the foster child, or you are petrified about children services placing your foster child into a new home against your own better judgment. Or, a minor policy violation occurs during a home inspection. The task of pushing back against children services can appear impossible, but with an attorney’s help, you may have a better opportunity to have your side of the case heard and avoid losing the ability to care for your foster child.

Assertive foster parents are more likely to have their case heard. Documenting everything regarding your foster child is the most useful thing you can do. Keep a detailed diary – the more information, the better – and make sure your attorney has a copy of every document.

A foster parent must remember that the foster child’s best interests are the most important issue in a custody case. It is a foster parent’s duty to protect and advocate for the foster child, and an experienced and knowledgeable attorney can prove essential to turning a tumultuous childhood into a bright and promising future.